Windows 8

“Windows Explorer 8” Improves File Management and File Copy

It may seem a little odd that after all these years Microsoft is finally doing something about Explorer and File Management.  Explorer has been pretty arcane compared to tools like Directory Opus, and Total Commander which are highly configurable, and extensible alternatives to Windows Explorer. It seemed like Microsoft just didn’t care or weren’t  paying any attention to the most used feature in Windows, or just letting third party software developers plugin so many extensions into explorer that it became almost un-useable.

It’s a refreshing breath of air to see Microsoft now paying  attention to these areas, even at this late stage of the game. It shows that the Windows Team is going back to it’s roots and putting a nice polish on  so many areas in Windows, and still introducing new features in the operating system! Steven Sinofsky where have you been all my life?

Windows 8 File Copy and Improvements Video

While I don’t image “Explorer 8”  will feature  all the sophistication and power of say Directory Opus but it’s a huge step in the right direction for Microsoft. Thank You!

– Justin

Acknowledgement: Thanks to for the  linkable YouTube Video.

Windows 8

Well Microsoft is staring to come out of the closet with the features surrounding the next version of their Windows OS. There have been several video’s all over the net from partner and developer meeting showing some things to come.

Jensen Harris, Windows Experience Team Demonstrates Windows 8

Microsoft has also launched a “behind the scenes” blog discussing some of the aspects of building windows 8 from a developer  point of view.  B8  which is the name of the blog, right now has an initial post by Steven Sinofsky the Windows team head, discussing how they are re-imagining windows from the chips right up to the interface. Also along with the website you  can follow the Windows8 team on twitter @BuildWindows8

All of this is mostly the Microsoft Media machine gearing up for it’s Build Windows  conference staring September 13th where most likely the first Beta or TechPreview of Windows 8 will become available. There has been a lot of secrecy around this event, at one point the Agenda was posted and then taken down because the Windows team didn’t want to reveal anything by the session names. 

Windows does look like it’s going to attempt to take on the tablet market, and instead of throwing a scaled down phone OS into a tablet it would be a little awesome to have the full power of windows in a tablet form factor. There are arguments both for and against this idea, but I am really curious to see what Microsoft comes up with in this new version of Windows.