Lost Boy

kletzky_leiby-75%-50%This is a pretty sad and morbid way to begin the re-launching of a blog with this kind of post, but that’s the reason I did this, to get things out. Tuesday I came across this poster of a missing little boy. It so completely rang a chord with me because of  his age, stature, and the fact that he lived not far away, just a neighborhood away.  It scares me how one day a family’s entire world can be shattered simply because a little boy took a wrong turn down the wrong street and became lost.

With deepest regret, I found out this afternoon that Leiby was found dead and dismembered. A gruesome and horrific end for a little boy. Tonight I am in a somber mood and I can’t get this off my mind,nor  what his family must be going through. I just wish them my deepest condolences and pray they have the strength to go on, because I am not sure I would have it, if I were in their place.

Missing Boy’s Dismembered Body Found; Suspect Says He Panicked